ECHR building

“I swear, as a lawyer, to perform my duties with dignity, conscience, independence, integrity and humanity.”

Yegor Boychenko

Legal services

Labor law

  • Work permit
  • Challenging the dismissal for professional fault before the domestic French courts

Family law

  • Divorce
  • Child custody

Criminal law

  • Follow up of the criminal investigation
  • Request for conditional release from detention
  • Appeals against refusal for conditional release

Immigration law

  • Asylum requests before the OFPRA
  • Appeal against OFPRA’s refusal lodged before the CNDA

European Court of Human Rights

  • Checking the current state of proceedings of the case pending before the Court
  • Preparation and lodging of the initial application / additional complaints or submissions
  • Submission of written observations
  • Assistance in the event of friendly settlement proposal
  • Assistance on the stage of execution of the judgment (payment of just satisfaction)

Extradition proceedings from the states of the European Union

  • Services of preparing the expert reports about the violations of the national law and human rights and freedoms in the criminal proceedings in the state of Eastern Europe requesting extradition.

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